20 Years Later, Sonic Adventure 2: Battle Was the Most Important Sonic

Be sure to share this full list of iconic Sonic the Hedgehog games by clicking one of the social media icons on the top or bottom of the page. Looking back at the game today, I feel like there are many glitches and wonky controls compared to what we have now, but you just have to spend the time to master the controls to make it work for you. Well, at the very least it’s funny because of how bad the acting is.

  • It’s easy to get lost in for hours, and while it isn’t a traditional Sonic game, it’s still fun to keep around for bite-sized chunks of gameplay.
  • We also thought this feature would help differentiate Sonic from Mario.”
  • The Sonic and Knuckles lock-on cart was a pretty cool idea and something no other company was doing.

It followed the line drawn by Sonic Adventure and we experienced the stories of several characters, but everything was bigger and more spectacular, as well as being more polished. Although it came out in the twilight of Dreamcast, it had the chance to redeem itself in GameCube. This is the fourth entry in the Sega All-Stars series, which puts various Sega characters together.

The History of Sonic the Hedgehog: The Genesis Era

The challenges lack depth and feel a bit like Mario Party minigames, so I didn’t find them very engaging. If you succeed in taking out every generator in the game you receive the good ending, a far bigger challenge than any Sonic game previously. Sonic’s first original appearance on a Nintendo console came in the form of the excellent Emulatorgames.online Sonic Advance, a brand-new platformer on Game Boy Advance in 2001. A 2D platformer with classic characters all drawn in a lean, athletic style, Sonic Advance drew good reviews and received two sequels, the first of which is most memorable for giving the world Cream the Rabbit. Not very useful for normal gameplay, but it’s crucial for speedruns. You can also use the glitch in Act 3, but it risks killing you if you don’t pull it off right, and you still have to fight Eggman at the end.

Wii players can even control the Werehog’s arms using motion controls. And though it could be a little faster and have a little more to it, it’s strong enough to earn a spot on this list. It’s a shame that we’ve never gotten to see a modern iteration of the idea, apart from a small tribute in Sonic Mania Plus.

Voiced by (Japanese)

As the game got faster and faster, we needed to come up with a special characteristic to give our character some power over his enemies. I remembered a character I had thought about years ago who could roll himself into a ball and slam into enemies. Hedgehogs can roll themselves into a ball, so we decided to go from a rabbit to a hedgehog. Regarding marketing, Sega would have to come up with a new advertising campaign that would let the average consumer know within the space of a few seconds exactly who Sega was, and what the company was all about. The mascot was addressed first in Sega’s hope to kill two birds with one stone, and develop what it hoped would be the system’s first true killer app. The ensuing marketing campaign could then use the new game as a starting point and build from there.

Players travel through the levels, rescuing the Flickies, who are colourful birds that are being harassed by Eggman’s robots. With plenty of levels, unique special stages and some big boss fights, Sonic 3D Blast is a novel yet enjoyable Sonic game. Brian has written about video games for over a decade across multiple publications. When he’s not writing or gaming, he’s usually listening to music, watching UFC, or hopelessly rooting for a Baltimore or D.C. Putting you in the roles of six distinct characters as you play through the same overarching story from differing perspectives was a novel idea, and Sonic Adventure executed it effectively.

They added the ability to have Tails fly, which he couldn’t in Sonic 2. This platformer does things with time travel that few games accomplish. Each act has a past, present, and future that you can reach, but only by going fast enough to trigger the time travel. And then, you have to find certain destructible objects in acts 1 and 2 to trigger the good future in act 3, a boss fight. Tails Adventure was the better of the two, and by quite the margin – it’s a slower-paced adventure developed by Aspect, with a focus on using gadgets such as bombs and hammers to progress.

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